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A Lancastrian werewolf in London

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It was one of those evenings tonight when everything just felt, well… odd. I apologise in advance for pulling out my mediocre GCSE creative writing skills, but it needs some form of interest, otherwise this would be better titles “my bus ride/walk home from work”

coming out of the office after working late, the Hogarth Roundabout was eerily dead. Then suddenly a lipstick red 1930’s open top sports car screeched into sight, its driver giving me a slightly manic look as he sped over the flyover. Then on the bus, the usual drunken workers from the business parks were replaced by entirely different and far more sober looking people. I was suddenly more aware of people being aware of me, and the journey passed as if I were in a trance, filled with background music from the Beastie boys.

The walk home was odd too – the couple in front of me, initially ‘all over’ each other became more straight laced as they glanced backwards with a cautious stare… the dark-skinned man on the other pavement glared over at me in a perfect slihouette against his silvery cigarette-smoke. Then another respectable looking couple reluctantly stepped aside to let me pass by. This was all getting a bit weird, not twilight-zone weird, but when you’re used to a commuting routine for a couple of years, you definitely become more sensitive to little inticacies…. and i’m sure stuff just got more and more bizarre because of my state of mind, but then as i turned into the drive of my block of flats the full moon glared over with a brilliant sun-like haze.

It gets me every time…

Obviously not being a werewolf, I mean when the full moon is out, things are a bit strange.


Written by harrypayne

July 17, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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